Broken Barbie:

Daddy's Little Princess Has Lost Her Mind

Sex is natural, Rape is a minor inconvenience

Miscarriage is natural, Abortion is murder

Death is natural, Murder is murder

Simply put, rape without murder is just forced sex or regretful sex. Rape VS murder what is the bigger crime?

Let’s try to define violence to be able to answer that question.

Violence- Physical, tangible, life threatening and  unnatural. Anything that falls outside the limits of the body to endure. 

But what about childbirth, period, sex, hardcore sex, S&M…how do we draw the line?

What separates violence from love ? More importantly, is violence the inevitable consequence of love?

Is not the female body built for intercourse, for reproduction, to nurture and care? Is that outside the natural limits of the body?

If yes, there must be some proof. 

We must remember the unseen is inadmissible. Law operates on evidence.

Elisabetta Sirani, Timoclea Killing Her Rapist (1659)

Delirium, hysteria, a cry for attention, feminazis- there are many names of this mass hallucination modern women seem to have fallen into.

The evidence submitted seems vague at best. So why this endless treatise against men? 

A man does his best to carry the burden of keeping his woman and her children. That’s his domain and he doesn’t complain about his end of the bargain except for occasional drinking, gambling and cussing, sweeps the shit under the rug before sun up and goes right back to work like a good sport. He ain’t ever trying to meddle with how a woman runs her kitchen. So what wounds do we cry about that our men haven’t carried with us shoulder to shoulder?

Like I said, God gave them their end of the stick, nobody said it was perfect but that’s how it was and so man goes on. Women on the other hand have an endless river of concerns. It is never right enough. Never satisfied.

Delirium, hysteria, a cry for attention, feminazis- there are many names of this mass hallucination modern women seem to have fallen into.

We wanted degrees and property, a ticket to the parliament and birth control- they gave us. Now we don’t want children or governments nor a husband neither a baby. We chose and chose until we opted out of everything so now we are non binary anarchist cat owning lesbians.

They’ve even come up with vibrators now! (not that women received any support on that front before, according to sources.)

It seems we won’t stop until we wipe the slate clean-scrub the last drop of male sweat and seed-the perfect feminist utopia.

The question remains: Why are women so angry all the time?

Tik tok sensation Paris Paloma thinks it’s because we work too much. Basically that women are done. The lyrics to her recent song that caught on like a wildfire- women are singing it like a chant.

All day, every day, therapist, mother, maid, nymph, then a virgin, nurse, then a servant

Just an appendage, live to attend him

So that he never lifts a finger

Twenty-four-seven baby machine

So he can live out his picket fence dreams

So the issue is overtime?

…and bad pay. Is this about him not putting his dirty socks in the laundry or helping with the dishes-i mean is it really that serious. And how is this related to violence or rape?!

Part II

History has taught us that women are stubborn fools…

Back in the 70’s the golden era of music, art and marijuana, a bunch of women in Europe got stoked and demanded women be paid for being a married housewife. What difference would a little bit more money make?

They said it’s not effective if you look at it like that- it isn’t about the money. Drag the struggles of the bedroom and the kitchen out in the street- that was the spell-radical-political-powerful.

Sylvia Federici, one of Italian woman who lead the movement, now a decorated professor in New York explained: 

women were brainwashed to believe that they care so much because of our ‘special hormones’. Our nurturing bodies. We are assembled, domesticated over years to develop unending patience, love and self-sacrifice. Lady really said our whole life was a lie, even our identity and ‘qualities’. 

What in the existential f-

Execution of Lady Jane Gray, 1554

Take this example, if you were a good student you perhaps endured that one boy in the class who the teacher assigned to sit with you so that some of that goodness rubbed off on him. We know that never happened and some of us probably ended up dating him.

Apparently this is all because of capitalism. How?

…and that men usually dislike peace

Remember the homemaker breadwinner model? Maria Mies, another crazy cat lady who is dead now, told us women were independent at the beginning of civilisation. 

Women were the first farmers, planned ahead for the future because we had children to look after and also gave a part of produce to men who for most part just hunted and loitered around.

On a fateful day men realised they could use force to take whatever they desired, they enslaved women and other ‘weak men’ to work for them, creating hierarchy, so they can chill. And that’s how conquests and wars began that eventually lead to colonialism and modern day capitalist society. Basic motive- accumulation of wealth aka profit.

Now how is Elon Musk making profit on semiconductors related to some man thrashing his wife in a third world country? Or marital rape and miscarriages?

In the same way as God created Eve to give pleasure to Adam, so did capital create the housewife to service the male worker physically, emotionally and sexually – to raise his children, mend his socks, patch up his ego when it is crushed by the work and the social relations (which are relations of loneliness) that capital has reserved for him.

It is not an accident that most men think of getting married as soon as they have their first job

Sylvia Federici, 1974

Part III

The part where you feel sad for your mum, if you don’t already

Image for a minute you are a young accountant working a 9-5 under an absolute god awful boss or a middle aged clerk who hates his job. You pull through the day knowing you have a home to go to, a wife. Not because you miss her, you may not as well. But you know you’ll find a clean house and warm food at the very least.

The wife waits on you, provides emotional care, food, laundry, acts as nanny and governess for the kids, nurse for the elderly in addition to a hooker, exclusively for you.

If one were to pay for that many services, there could hardly be any savings any sensible man can tell you that.

Only few men have paychecks that grand. Remember the bad guys who created hierarchies through force so they could accumulate wealth? They came up with a clever idea to avoid giving out larger paychecks to account for all those services.

Why not invisibilise the labour of half the population-the ‘weaker sex’ in the name of nature? If everyone pretended it was normal for a woman to do all of that out of a sense of duty, honour and love, simply because of her biology, it would drastically cut down costs.

So the plan worked marvellously and over time it became normal for a man to expect all this of his wife. He became entitled to her labour simply because he was the man...

The plan worked marvellously and over time it became normal for a man to expect all this of his wife. He became entitled to her labour simply because he was the man.

This is what Mies called housewification. Cool term for a depressive event lol.

Wait, Is Mies trying to shame being a  full time housewife?

The opposite. That’s why Federici and club asked for wages.

To highlight precisely, that to be a housewife is to be in one of the most exploited professions of the world. Where you are expected to perform complex set of roles day after day without recognition or escape.

This isn’t about choice or happiness. It is the simple fact that in order to accumulate wealth the capitalist needs this machinery to function smoothly so work goes on and money gets made, formally known the theory of social reproduction.

The housewife is the key unit of reproducing not just boys and girls who will be workers and wives in the future but also re-produce the conditions essential for labour-good health and food, clean house, sex, entertainment and the like.

Part IV

Isn’t all this a thing of the past? We’re living in the 21st century!

But what’s the benefit of all this talk?

We reap the fruits of it as we live and breathe. House husbands, ‘present fathers’, supportive, load sharing partners we owe it all to the wages for housework movement.

Its the reason why men are bashed on tik tok’s for feeling entitled to sex with their wives after they helped with the dishes. Or why you can refuse to sleep with a guy you went on a date with just because he bought you food and wine.

It’s why our mothers say, “you have it much better than I did, atleast he helps with the kids.” We shamelessly demand our men to help cook dinner now that both of us have jobs. And they do, feeling cornered.

The modern man feels emasculated. Women and partially inflation has forced them to take up a fraction of housework. Now that she can make her own money, own a bank account and a house, she doesn’t seem to need him. Not the way she used to.

So is Paris Paloma’s song outdated?

While most white women are fighting to get emotional and sexual labour recognised, working class brown women have barely turned the corner.

The further down the ladder her man is, the worse off the woman will be.

Unfortunately, many women, especially single women, refuse to identify as housewives knowing well its a position of powerlessness. We delude ourselves thinking we escaped housework simply because we put on pants and work in an office.

We need to wake up to the reality of housework, how its become synonymous to various forms of emotional and care work women are expected to perform as part of their social role. Be it as ‘harmless’ as the request to smile more.

The longer we believe we are better or different, the longer this torture will be.

How many of us, in spite of the degrees and jobs, have actually escaped it? And can we really so easily disregard the idea of living with a man?

Does this mean we’re we all doomed? Should I never marry? Is there no love?

Not really. Going back to our questions at the beginning- is violence a consequence of love?

I think yes. But only particular to this quality of love. For this is a love that has raped and murdered countless wives. Spreading her legs for a man she loathes, birthing children you never wanted- at the end of the short journey from the alter to the kitchen she is not the same woman anymore, ‘lost her touch’ as the husband likes to remind her.

The physical damage seems minimal unfortunately, we have a talent for looking good, even on our worst days.

For the first time in a long time we refuse to crouch on our knees and open our mouths like good girls. We have dared to resist our biological destiny. We deny living as appendages and burn the pages which said that of Eve. We dare relinquishing the garland of this love, wreathed so it is in the corpses of our mothers and sisters. And will keep doing it, for ourselves, for us for those before us but most importantly for those who are yet to come.

When the needs of the waged labour market require her presence there – 

‘A woman can do any job without losing her femininity,’ which simply means that no matter what you do you are still a cunt.

Sylvia Federici, 1974