About Me

Meghna Chaudhary is an eco-feminist with a Masters in Gender Studies and Literature based out of New Delhi. She has been working in the domain of intersectional research, labour, policy, disability, sexuality and education in the Indian development sector for the last 3 years.

A first generation graduate growing up in a family of farmers in rural Uttar Pradesh- she is a proud beneficiary of feminist movement, which is what led her to present indulgence in attempting to share her privilege and attempt to give a voice to women from the margins, the firsts, the anomalies.

Being a researcher and a creative, she is engaged in advocacy through storytelling, program design and implementation, evaluation matrix, stakeholder engagement and cross-institutional collaborations.
She is currently learning and engaged in behavioural change, strategic management, change communications at an operational level.

Meghna's interests range from Postcolonial and Foucauldian thought to Jungian depth philosophy. 

She is a sworn Tool fanatic and loves the classics by Bergman, Tarkovsky and Kurosawa. 

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